Virus/Malware Removal

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow or you notice a virus taking over? Never fear, we are able to assist you in removing the viruses and getting you back on track.

Please Note: If you have crypto-virus on your computer, it is essentially not able to be removed. If you detect crypto-virus (i.e. pop-up window stating files are encrypted), disconnect from your home network immediately and turn off the internet.

Malware Removal

Malware can come from a variety of sources, often without you knowing. A tell tale sign would be pop-ups appearing in the internet browser or pop-ups on the computer. If this is you, contact us today to have it removed from your computer.

Internet Security

Why do you need it?

Every time we go on the internet, we expose our PCs, laptops or any device that can connect. By why should you be worried? For the most part, the internet is fairly safe, however, in the age of internet of things (IOT) it is important you protect your devices. This will not stop you from getting attacked, however, software is able to detect when an incident is about to occur or even warn you when you are about to click on an unsafe link in Google.

How can we help you?

Our experience allows us to provide you recommendations on the software suitable to your device to help protect you. We can also provide you with training on how to be careful. Having a thorough understanding of how to better protect yourself (including identifying phishing emails) and enjoy the best of the internet and your devices.

Computer Repairs/Bespoke Computer Building

Building your bespoke computer

At It & Web Solutions Australia we are able to build you bespoke computer based on your specifications. All of the computers we build meet and exceed what you could get at your local retailer. We are also able to source you a great deal on that laptop, tablet or even Apple product.

Repairing/Updating your computer

Is your computer not working properly or do you want to update your computer? If you answered yes to either, your in luck! We are able to assist you in meeting your needs. Give us a call today or fill out the form below.

Data Recovery

At IT & Web Solutions Australia, we understand the stress and frustrating when all of a sudden you lose access to your data. This could be because your computer has failed or your external hard drive has stop being able to be seen on the computer.

If this is you, we can assist in recovering your data. We are also able to assist in recovering data from SD cards and USBs. Recovering data is a lengthy process, requiring specialised software.

However, we do emphasise there are times where data recovery is not possible. If there is too much damage to the hard drive, this requires specialists who would take the drive apart in a clean room.


Recover files from the device– $250

If we are unable to recover files from the device due to too much damage – $150

If we need to supply external hard drive to transfer the data too – POA

To find out more

To request help, give us a call today or fill out the form below.

Hourly Rates

$75/hr/Mon - Saturday

Day Time Rate

Our hourly IT rate for hours worked between 0800hrs - 2000hrs.
Work is billed by the hour

$150/hr/Mon - Saturday

After-Hours Rate

Our hourly IT rate for hours worked between 2000hrs - 0759hrs.
If you have an after-hours emergency, our rates are cheaper than a lot of the other competitors.
Work is billed by the hour

$200/hr/Sunday & PH

Sunday & PH Rate

Our hourly IT rate for hours worked on Sundays & Public Holidays.
Work is billed by the hour